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Tender documents and Request for Proposal (RFP) documents can now be downloaded from this site. This will allow Vendors to access Requests for Tenders / Proposals at their convenience.

First locate the Tender/RFP that is required. Click on the "Reference" number. This will take you to a "Registration" page. By completing the Registration page, your organization will receive, automatically, electronic notices of when Addendums that are issued for that specific Tender/RFP. Once you complete the Registration information, you will be able to download the Tender/RFP document. Vendors will normally only have to register once as the system will store vendors email address. When a system notice of an Addendum is received, vendors must go back to the web site and download the Addendum for the specific Tender/RFP.

If Vendors experience any difficulties with downloading Tenders/RFP's, please feel free to contact the "Contact Person" indicated for the Tender/RFP listing.

Online Bids are now accepted for many tenders.

NNI Policy – The Government of Nunavut Business Incentive Policy (NNI – Nunavummi Nangminiqaqtunik Ikajuuti) is applied to all competitive procurement processes. Contractors responding to Tenders or Proposals from this site should make themselves familiar with the policy at the following web link.

Procurement documents can be made available, upon request, in any of the 4 official languages (Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun, English, French), of Nunavut. ᐅᓇ ᓂᐅᕕᖅᑕᖃᑦᑕᖕᓂᖕᒧᑦ ᑎᑎᖅᑲᖅ ᐊᑐᐃᓐᓇᐅᔪᓐᓇᖅᑐᖅ, ᑐᒃᓯᕋᖅᑕᐅᓗᓂ, ᓇᓕᐊᖕᓂᑐᐃᓐᓇᖅ ᐃᓕᓴᕆᔭᐅᓯᒪᔪᑎᒍᑦ ᑎᓴᒪᑎᒍᑦ ᐅᖃᐅᓯᖅᑎᒍᑦ (ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ, ᐃᓄᐃᓐᓇᖅᑐᓐ, ᖃᓪᓗᓈᑎᑐᑦ, ᐅᐃᕖᑐᑦ), ᓄᓇᕗᒻᒥᑦ. Una havaamut pidjutaut titiraq taiguarumagukni, apiriguvit, kitunik hitamauyut ilitariyauyut uqauhiinik (Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun, Qablunatut, Uiviititut), NunavunmitCe document d'approvisionnement est disponible, sur demande, dans les quatre langues officielles (inuktitut, inuinnaqtun, anglais, français) du Nunavut.

CAUTION: This Tender/RFP Notification List is to provide interested businesses an opportunity to freely access tender information easily, and quickly. Users reading and using information on this list may do so at their own risk. The Government of Nunavut does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, completeness of the information included therein. This list consists of those Tenders/RFPs that were reported to the Department of Community & Government Services, and may not be a complete list of all Government of Nunavut Tenders/RFPs. Closing dates are subject to change, and in the event that a discrepancy exists between information displayed on this list and the Tender/RFP document, the document shall govern.

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To download document and addendums of a RFP/Tenders item, click the Ref # of that Item.

The following is a list of RFTs/RFPs that will not be advertised in Local Newspapers 

Ref#DescriptionFOB Point Or LocationIssued DateContact PersonPhone Number and/or EmailClosing Date And TimeElectronic Bid Submission
CH 009923 Aircraft charter from Iqaluit to various communities and returnNunavut2016-08-22Natasha Sheaves867-975-5468 15:00 EDT Submit
179182 Educational ToysOttawa, ON2016-08-17Matthew Amarualik867-975-5363 15:00 EDT Submit
CT2016-24 NAC Greenstone Improvements (demolition and creation of partition walls, movement of doors, flooring work, fixture movement, electrical and mechanical work to support new office floorplan; Inuit Labour 20%; Completion by October 21st Iqaluit, NU2016-08-16Bonnie Osborne867-975-5415 16:00 EDT Submit
237047 Sanitary NapkinsOttawa, ON2016-08-17Matthew Amarualik867-975-5363 15:00 EDT Submit
MC14330-00228 Arena Lighting UpgradesWhale Cove, NU2016-08-05Charmaine Mercer867-645-8184
MC16300-00354 Electrical Hook Up to TrailerArviat, NU2016-08-22Charmaine Mercer867-645-8184
RFT 200475 Supply of Various FiltersSanikiluaq, NU2016-08-23Julie McManaman867-975-5428 15:00 EDT Submit

The following is a list of RFTs/RFPs that are advertised in Local Newspapers

Ref#DescriptionFOB Point Or LocationIssued DateContact PersonPhone Number and/or EmailClosing Date And TimeElectronic Bid Submission
IQ 6217-235-001 Retrofit and renovations to Elders Centre. Material and Labour.Iqaluit, NU2016-08-12Denise Hatfield867-975-7200 15:00 EDT Submit
RFP 2016-36 Design/Build New SchoolCape Dorset, NU2016-06-30Julie McManaman867-975-5428 16:00 EDT Submit
RFP AE2016-06 GN Server Room Baffin Regional HospitalIqaluit, NU2016-08-12Peter Mask975-6447 16:00 EDT Submit
RFT 253463 MAC Mini(s)Iqaluit, NU2016-08-18Peter Mask975-6447 09:00 EDT Submit
257518 Vertical Man-lift and ShelvingYellowknife, NT2016-08-23Matthew Amarualik867-975-5363 15:00 EDT Submit
RFP 2016-34 Digital Imaging Systems/Solution for Nunavut CommunitiesNunavut2016-07-08Peter Mask975-6447 16:00 EDT Submit
RFP 2016-46 Office SpaceHall Beach, NU2016-08-12Eetuk Groves867-975-5433 16:00 EDT Submit
CT2016-25 Fire Pump Panel Upgrade - Jimmy Hikok School and Kugluktuk High School. Inuit Labour 20%Kugluktuk, NU2016-08-19Maggie Nowdlak867-975-5443 16:00 EDT Submit
AE2016-05 New Water Treatment Plant with Additional Raw Water Storage ReservoirArviat, NU2016-08-15Bonnie Osborne867-975-5415 17:00 EDT Submit
MC1630111 Maintenance Garage Flooring Repairs, Baker Lake - Inuit Labour 35%Baker Lake, NU2016-08-18Charmaine Mercer867-645-8184 17:00 EDT Submit
16330-0031902 Health Centre Flooring Replacement, Whale Cove - Inuit Labour 30%Whale Cove, NU2016-08-18Charmaine Mercer867-645-8184 17:00 EDT Submit
RFP 2016-40 Re-Issued Operator, Group Home for High Risk Youth/Adolescents, Iqaluit, NUnavutIqaluit, NU2016-08-22Julie McManaman867-975-5428 15:00 EDT Submit
RFP 2016-45 Airport Automated Weather Observation SystemValleyfield, QC2016-08-12Susan Noseworthy867-975-5434 17:00 EDT Submit
16305-0033002 Inuujaarvik Campground UpgradesBaker Lake, NU2016-08-23Charmaine Mercer867-645-8184

The following is a list of unawarded RFTs/RFPs with information notices

Ref#DescriptionFOB Point Or LocationIssued DateContact PersonPhone Number and/or EmailClosing Date And Time
QEC RFP 201644 RFP Concept Design DHS Upgrade Arviat-Iqaluit-Rankin InletArviat, NU2016-07-04Jonathan Ferraby867-979-7544
SCFPS-257393 Annual Fire Protection Systems and Fire Extinguisher InspectionsKitikmeot, NU2016-07-15Maggie Nowdlak867-975-5443 16:00 EDT
SCFPS-257491 Annual Fire Protection Systems and Fire Extinguisher InspectionsCambridge Bay, Kugluktuk, NU2016-07-15Maggie Nowdlak867-975-5443 16:00 EDT
RFP2016-42 Design/Build Airport Equipment Parking ShelterRankin Inlet, NU2016-07-13Bonnie Osborne867-975-5415 16:00 EDT
QEC RFP 201655 Fuel Pipeline & Support Assessment IqaluitIqaluit, NU2016-07-25Jonathan Ferraby867-979-7544
RFP AE 2016-04 Prime Consultant Services for Marine Infrastructure, Iqaluit & Pond Inlet, NunavutIqaluit, NU2016-06-27Mark McCulloch867-975-5427 16:00 EDT
16305-999-01 Martha Taliruq Center Building PaintingBaker Lake, NU2016-08-04Charmaine Mercer867-645-8184

The following contracts have been awarded in the past month:     (see last 5 years of history)

Ref NumberDescriptionFOB Point Or LocationAward Date
CH 196894 Aircraft charter from various communities to Cambridge Bay and returnNunavut2016-08-22
CT2016-22 Building 623 Removal Remove and dispose of building, all hazardous materials and associated foundation as well as utilidor carrier pipe excavation and capping, and any utility disconnection and termination as per specifications. Inuit Labour 35%.Iqaluit, NU2016-08-22
CT2016-23 Ilavut Men's Healing Centre Life Cycle Renovations: Electrical Upgrades (replacement of selected electrical distribution panels and providing underground and overhead power to outside buildings). Inuit Labour 10%.Kugluktuk, NU2016-08-19
NHC 2016-315-SH Window SupplyChesterfield Inlet, NU2016-08-19
RFT 182208 Lithium BatteriesOttawa, ON2016-08-19
RFT 252888 36" Electric Restaurant stove / ovenIqaluit, NU2016-08-18
RFT 237043 Safety 1st Healthcare KitOttawa, ON2016-08-16
RFT 234045 Hooded Baby Towels and WashclothsOttawa, ON2016-08-15
RFT 270509 DiapersOttawa, ON2016-08-15
CT2016-21 Nunavut Court of Justice Renovations - WindowsIqaluit, NU2016-08-15
190744 Sound Interpreter Control ConsolesOttawa, ON2016-08-15
RFT 234485 Disposable Nursing PadsOttawa, ON2016-08-12
RFT 260897 Robar -5616 repair styleValleyfield, QC2016-08-11
CH 006585 Aircraft charter from Iqaluit to Kugluktuk and returnNunavut2016-08-10
MC163903 As & When Emergency Generator Services and RepairKivalliq, NU2016-08-10
RFT 184610 Food SuppliesValleyfield, QC2016-08-09
RFT 251596 Shop suppliesValleyfield, QC2016-08-09
RFT 209628 Lumber, plywood, drywall, etcValleyfield, QC2016-08-09
RFT 209616 Shop SuppliesValleyfield, QC2016-08-09
RFT 209626 Pleated FiltersValleyfield, QC2016-08-09
RFT 209749 As & When Snow Removal, Qikiqtani General HospitalIqaluit, NU2016-08-08
RFT 209603 As & When Snow Removal, NAC & JusticeIqaluit, NU2016-08-08
NHC 6517-300-003 AV WindowsArviat, NU2016-08-08
NHC6517-330-003 Unit 74 Mini Retrofit MaterialsWhale Cove, NU2016-08-08
RFP 2016-25 Professional Quantity Surveying and Cost ConsultingRankin Inlet, NU2016-08-08
RFT # 260905-1 Filters and partsValleyfield, QC2016-08-08
CT2016-20 CGS Maintenance Shop - New Washroom and ExitGjoa Haven, NU2016-08-08
RFT 209852 Spill KitsValleyfield, QC2016-08-07
RFT 209627 Heating Transfer FluidValleyfield, QC2016-08-07
RFT 209631 Boiler ChemicalsValleyfield, QC2016-08-07
RFT 219762 Grocery OrderValleyfield, QC2016-08-07
RFT 260901 Electric MotorValleyfield, QC2016-08-07
RFT 260915 PumpsValleyfield, QC2016-08-07
RFT 260916 Spiral wound Brush and Bag MaterialValleyfield, QC2016-08-07
260958 Propoptional Temperature ControllersWinnipeg, MB or , Valleyfield, QC2016-08-05
205158 LumberValleyfield, QC2016-08-05
QEC RFP 201645 Depreciation StudyIqaluit, NU2016-08-05
RFT 160916 Translation EquipmentValleyfield, QC2016-08-04
NHC7117-320-003 Repairs to Unit 138-14Rankin Inlet, NU2016-08-04
QEC 201638 Fuel Tank Replacement Resolute BayResolute Bay, NU2016-08-04
QEC RFP 201627 RFP G6 3-Way Valve and G5 HEX Replacement Rankin InletRankin Inlet, NU2016-08-03
CH 005417 Aircraft charter from Yellowknife to Kugluktuk and returnNunavut2016-08-03
RFT 248039 Hospital Electrical BedBaker Lake, NU2016-08-03
RFT 213763 Hospital Electrical BedArviat, NU2016-08-03
RFT 213764 Hospital Electrical BedValleyfield, QC2016-08-03
RFT 237037 receiving and shipping servicesOttawa, ON2016-08-02
RFP 2016-37 Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw Updates: Arviat, Igloolik and Kugaaruk, NunavutIqaluit, NU2016-08-02
RFT 209604 As & When Snow Removal, SchoolsIqaluit, NU2016-07-29
RFT 209602 As & When Snow Removal, GN FacilitiesIqaluit, NU2016-07-29
CH 1039 Fixed Wing Wildlife Aerial SurveyNunavut2016-07-29
RFT 251595 Re-issue Various ProductsValleyfield, QC2016-07-29
RFT 251595-2 TiresValleyfield, QC2016-07-29
CH 2799 Aircraft charter from Iqaluit to Arctic Bay and returnNunavut2016-07-28
269504 Office ChairsValleyfield, QC2016-07-28
CH 1038 Rotary Wing Wildlife Aerial SurveyNunavut2016-07-28
CH 1038-1 Rotary Wing Wildlife Aerial SurveyNunavut2016-07-28
RFT 205153 Bearproof Containers NU Parks Iqaluit NUValleyfield, QC2016-07-28
RFT 205148 Swift Water Rescue TrainingIqaluit, NU2016-07-27
RFT 251593 Clothing for Correctional Center - OuterwearValleyfield, QC2016-07-27
RFT 251593-1 Clothing for Correctional CenterValleyfield, QC2016-07-27
RFT 229358 DELL Laptop LatitudesIqaluit, NU2016-07-27
RFT 200393 Re-Issued Janitorial Services, Visitors CentrePangnirtung, NU2016-07-26
RFP 2016-40 Operator, Group Home For High Risk Youth / Adolescents Iqaluit, NunavutIqaluit, NU2016-07-26
CT2016-17 Assembly of Modular Classrooms and LinkCape Dorset, NU2016-07-26
225964 Image ScannerOttawa, ON2016-07-25
202953 ClothingValleyfield, QC2016-07-25
RFT 177925 Dental SuppliesIqaluit, NU2016-07-25
RFT 209619 Fuel TanksValleyfield, QC2016-07-25
RFT 234836 13 Parameters: A Literacy Leadership ToolkitKugluktuk, NU2016-07-25